The Last Reflection…

01 Haziran 2013 - Leave a Response


This is the last time of the writng of the refleftions. In fact we all have some biases but now especially for me this lesson is very useful. Because we learned lots of information for use in language classroom. If I have a chance in my lifetime, I will teach my students what I learned from that lesson. So That was very helpful and useful lesson, see you next lessons 🙂



22 Mayıs 2013 - Bir Yanıt


In fact we learned how we create an internet website last year. But we learned with Frontpage and it was really difficult for me in point of fact all students who were in my classroom. Because if you want to add sothing about anything, you have to do lots of things. But the weebly is so easy for everybody, I think. Because if you want whatever, the first thing to be done you should choose what you want to do and then drop on the site. It’s done 🙂 As I said we learned how we create a website, but the new technique is easier and really faster than others…


20 Mayıs 2013 - Bir Yanıt



It a most popular podcast site and very useful. For example if you want to save or share a podcast, you can just sing up and then you can share your podcast easily. There is no absurd things, there is no hard working and there is no odd things…


Digital Storytelling…

11 Mayıs 2013 - 2 Yanıt



Digital Storytelling is about storytelling in online, but now it is on internet. So nowadays technology has changed and lots of children use technology for education, so why we use the technology for education ? But how ? Of course by lots of advantages of technology. For example we can use technology to storytelling for young children who are too young for literacy. And we can do this with and can do like that site. So we can prepare lots of story for kids. Let’s have a Fun 🙂

Social Network

25 Nisan 2013 - 2 Yanıt



Facebook, Twitter, Flickr… All of them are both enjoyable and pleasant. When you enter these sites, you don’t know to exit those. Because these have lots of groups abput everything. I said everything it means that if you want to laugh, you can join a group which has funny videos or whatever, it means that if you want to redundant information, you can join any group about redundant informations, it means that if you want to learn something about education, you can join to educational groups. As you see social networks have lots of advanteges like disadvantages. 

Online Lessons…

21 Nisan 2013 - 2 Yanıt



Online lessons are so popular at this time. You know nobody don’t want to go outside for anything, because if it is in your house, it is good 🙂 So thanks to online lessons which are about everything, music lessons, education lessons etc. , you don’t need to go to outside. WizIQ is the most useful and easier site among all sites which are online for me. Because it has lots of lossons abou anything and it is really learnt to us lessons what you want. If you are searching a online lesson site, you should register this site and begin to learn what you want 🙂

Online Classroom…

10 Nisan 2013 - 3 Yanıt


If you are a teacher and you want to creat online classroom, you must choose to Dokeos. Of course we have an alternative online classroom site whic is nicenet but it is so simpler and worse than Dokeos. Because nicenet very simple, it written by text based which means you have to just write; no graphics, no pictures and no fun… It is boring for me but it is famous all around the world. Anywhere if we get back to the subject, Dokeos is more enjoyable both for me and for your students. In that, you can creat a class room and you can creat a little quiz which has lots of features like multiple choice and multiple answers for your students. Also students if they are online, they can chating at the same time. But it has a disadvantege which is a huge disadvantageousness like its good side. Anyway despite everything it has very useful and very enjoyable 🙂

Impressive Prezi..

03 Nisan 2013 - 2 Yanıt


      We are lucky about this week because we learnt that last year in Derya Hoca’s lesson. Anyway if we get back to the subject , prezi is very easier for user who use power point. Besides, it is more imspressive than power point. because in power point , you just can do slide not anymore. But if you use prezi , you can do lots of things. For instance if you use PP, you make lots of slides and you can present these simply. What a bore! Because technology is changing, people is changing for this , we must change. People don’t want to listen to boring things, want to listen enjoyable, interesting things , impressive slides… So we should change thanks to prezi. Yeah, I said prezi is different, I am explaining now. For example, if you use prezi, you can do lots of slide too. But in a different way. So how ? by using zoom feature. You can use zoom and do instresting slides. Addition, you can use so various shapes and various themes etc. 

    To sum up, if you want to impress to people who are students or teachers maybe , you should   use this slide program..

Mobile Learning

27 Mart 2013 - 2 Yanıt


Technology has changed today. So we have to change to ourselves. Because technology in our lives. That’s why we must use to technology for the benefit of us. So how will we do this ? Firstly we start with education. For examples QR codes, tablet PCs, dictionaries etc. Yeah, these are very useful materials for both teachers and students. Another example, we had a exam, its name is YGS. In this exam experts who are work in YOK used the QR codes for students able to see their answers after the exam. So we use technology for education in different ways.

ELT Turkey (Facebook Group)

21 Mart 2013 - 2 Yanıt




This group was established in 11.11.2008. This group’s goal is share something about ELT for ELT teachers. They want to every ELT teacher both shares about English or whatever and gets one’s opinions. So The groups has some project, and these are the projects; The Project Umbrella,24/7 English, Teen Talk Videos, Mobile Comprehensive Curriculum, Edusensus, Clarity Course Builder. it is the e-mail address to this group. And this is the facebook address : .So if you want share something about English or you want to get one’s opinin , you can join and learn. This group is very useful for Elt teachers. Because if you are stumped on anything of course about English you can ask what you are want.